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Daily Formula

Make Bio360® Daily Formula a part of your routine to help promote your whole-body health.

Blend with 10 robust science-backed probiotic strains, 30 billion active cultures (CFU) & 3 Organic prebiotic fibers to help support your gut health & whole-body health.


Daily Extra Formula

Feeling bloated, constipated or irregular? Make Bio360®Daily Extra Formula a cornerstone of your supplement regimen.

Blend with 15 robust science-backed probiotic strains, 60 billion active cultures (CFU) & 3 Organic prebiotic fibers to help support your gut & whole-body health with a little EXTRA.


Kids Formula

Kids are curious and always exploring. Make sure they’re protected from the inside out starting with a healthy gut.

Bio360 Kids: Delicious chewable supplement with 15 unique probiotics for occasional digestive relief, plus Prebiotic Apple Fiber, Vitamin C, D3 & B12 to boost immunity.


Women's Health

A healthy microbiome can be crucial in your live.

Bio360®Women’s Formula combines 50 billion gut-friendly bacteria, 15 probiotic strains plus Cranberry Extract, Zinc, B2 & Vitamin D to help support your digestive, immune & vaginal balance in a all-in-one formula.


Brain Health

Did you know 95% of your brain’s serotonin receptors are in the gut?

Bio360® integrates clinically proven probiotic cultures and nutrients, designed to optimize the gut-brain axis. Our formula includes Magnesium, Vitamins B5, B6 & B12, and Green Tea Extract to support digestion, reduce bloating, soothe the gut, and boost immunity.


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