About Us

At Bio360® we believe in empowering people to be in control of their health. We strive to be a trusted partner in your pursuit for better health. We also recognize that each one of us is different with different health needs. This understanding, along with our purpose and passion for probiotics lead us to create Bio360® Probiotics.

In partnership with our parent company, we have helped uncover the power of probiotics. We are all aware about the well-known digestive and gut health benefits of probiotics. But that is only the beginning here at Bio360®. We have partnered with a talented team of microbiologists, researchers and other professionals to deliver unique benefits of probiotics beyond gut health.

Pioneers in Health and Wellness

Pioneers in Health and Wellness

With 125 years of experience in healthcare, we consider ourselves to be pioneers in the health and wellness category. Rooted in pharmacies, our products are sold in approximately 120 countries worldwide.

Grounded in Quality


Anyone can claim quality. But we have the credentials to prove it. Each one of our products are produced in a FDA-inspected facility and certified under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We don’t stop there. We conduct additional tests for purity, efficacy and safety for products you can count on every time.

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Proven by Science


Backed by over 700 studies, our probiotic supplements are clinically proven to provide the health benefits you are looking for. We work with a team of experts, who have a rich history of creating individualized nutritional therapies to deliver effective and tailored formulations for your specific health needs.

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